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Filling machinery maintenance and matters needing attention

by:Xinmao     2021-01-28
Filling machinery maintenance and matters needing attention of 1. Every day before work to check pneumatic combination of duplex water gas and oil mist filter, such as water shall promptly remove excessive, oil level should be timely enough to join; 2. Production is often observing mechanical components, see run, lift is normal, if abnormal, screw any loose; 3. Often view the ground equipment, contact surfaces should be reliable; Often clean the weighing platform; Check the pneumatic pipe with and without leakage, tracheal rupture phenomenon. 4. Slow mechanical and electrical machine replace lubricating oil every year ( Fat) , check the chain slack, timely adjust the tension. 5. If stop using for a long time, want to put the pipe material emptying. 6. Make clean sanitation work, keep the machine appearance clean, will often clear the product material, on the balance of body pay attention to keep clean in electric control cabinet. 7. Sensor is high precision, high tightness, high sensitivity, it is forbidden to touch attack and overload, untouchable in the process of operation, the overhaul to sterilise apart. Special note: 1. When filling machinery maintenance check, should turn off the circuit breaker or pull the plug, to avoid the tally when get an electric shock, burns and injuries, prevent the happening of the accident. 2. Filling machinery maintenance check, the pressure of compressed air should be zero, it is necessary to confirm the pressure has dropped to zero after can differentiate open side of compressed air components.
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