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Filling machine which can recommend?

by:Xinmao     2021-01-22
Xinmao filling machines have many models are worth having, but also can't suddenly all can with you say clear, then, you can choose a and everybody said it. The automatic triad pure water filling machine is one of our classic products, keep up with the pace of The Times, both in technology and quality is very good. The automatic water filling machinery very automation, use card bottleneck transmission technology on a human scale, so that it can simultaneously includes automatic disinfection, salt bottle, filling and screw cap. And it USES is Siemens PLC ( PLC) To control the machine to run automatically, at the same time, adjust the speed sensor is used for bottle into the chain and coordinated with the transducer of the main machine bottle is stable and reliable operation. The filling machine parts are mostly foreign imports of advanced products, contact with the liquid part of the parts are also USES the high quality stainless steel material, very wear-resisting, and very stable, the probability of failure is also very low, fully guaranteed quality, occupies a large position in the international. The drink machinery for the production of bottled purified water, mineral water or alcohol, etc. In its operation process, the washing bottle, filling and sealing are to a certain extent, reduce the contact time of the outside world, and very health, make its production capacity and economic benefit are increased greatly. Performance on the faster speed, more stable operation quality. Notable is compared with other same specifications of the machine, on the yield and benefit will be higher. Xinmao beverage packaging machinery has a lot of different filling machinery, each has its unique characteristics, and each kind of filling machine is very good, worth to understand and use. ModelCGF16/12/6CGF18/18/6CGF24/24/8CGF32/32/12CGF40/40/12CGF50/50/15Washing heads161824324050Filling heads121824324050Capping heads668101215Production容量( 瓶/小时) 3000 - 40005000 - 60008000 - 1000010000 - 1200014000 - 1600020000 - 24000Power( 千瓦) 3. 13. 13. 85. 67. 29. 6总体规模( L× W× H) mm2400× 1600× 24002400× 1830× 24003100× 2200× 24003600× 2500× 24004000× 2800× 24005450× 3210× 2400
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