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Filling machine screw cover part of the description

by:Xinmao     2021-01-28
Filling machinery is design and production of bottle filling machine and high efficiency equipment, advanced technology, elegant, the function is all ready. Filling machine is mainly used for fruit juice beverage, pure water, mineral water, carbonated beverage filling production. Filling machine screw cover part of the description 1. Screw-top part by Richard GaiQi cleared up the lid to have finished filling the bottle, and the transmission chain, to the next working procedure; 2. Filling machine screw cap to choose wheel rotation speed reducer drive back. Make the cover under the control of the centrifugal force from leaving the hopper. Separation plant cover, positive and negative at the exit when the cover by cover automatically fall into the return piping, after blowing wind automatically make the cover into the hopper. And only that is cover can smoothly into the chute, the number of caps in the hopper through the photoelectric switch for automatic check transmission machine, to ensure that the cover under the best conditions. When is built into the chute feed can smoothly enter the cover plate, in order to avoid accidents, on the ramp at the same time equipped with a defence of the cover of the dial device, to ensure that feed into the lid of the cover plate of error-free, also equipped with a pair of photoelectric button on ramp, when detected without cover, active suspension host operation.
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