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Filling machine filling way

by:Xinmao     2021-01-26
Have commonly used way of centralized filling filling machine, you know, today we will see together to filling machine filling way: 1) Atmospheric pressure is often pressure method, also called pure gravity method, namely under atmospheric pressure, the liquid materials depend on gravity flow into the container. Most of the free flow of gas free material to fill in this way, such as wine, wine, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. ( 2) Constant pressure constant pressure method is also called pressure gravity filling method, which is higher than atmospheric pressure condition, the first into the container, make the same formation pressure of tank, and then rely on castable injection of this method is often used in gas drinks, such as beer, soft drinks, sparkling wine and other fillers. The filling of this method can decrease the loss of these products contain carbon dioxide, and prevent excessive foam. Filling and affect the product quality and quantitative accuracy. ( 3) Vacuum method method under atmospheric pressure conditions, can by two ways: ( 一) Differential pressure type vacuum that is to say, the water tank under atmospheric pressure, can only make a vacuum packaging container, liquid materials depend on the pressure differential between the tanks and containers to generate traffic to finish filling, this method is more common in China. ( B) Gravity type vacuum that is to say, the water in the vacuum state, the first flush packaging container with equal vacuum formed with the vacuum in the tank, then its weight through the liquid material into the container, because the structure is more complex and less household. Vacuum filling applicability is wide and is suitable for filling a larger viscosity of liquid materials, such as oil, syrup, etc. Can also be applied to fill liquid materials containing vitamins, such as vegetable juice, juice, etc. , form a vacuum bottle means less liquid substances contact with air, extend the shelf life of products, vacuum method is also applicable to populate the toxic substances such as pesticides, to reduce the toxic gas overflow, improve working conditions. ( 4) Pressure method using mechanical stress or pressure, irrigation materials will be packed into container, this method is mainly used for filling thickness viscous materials, such as filling ketchup, mince, toothpaste, cream, etc. Sometimes can be used for soft drink soft drinks filling, depend on the pressure of the water itself without charge pressure directly into the bottle, this increases the filling speed, because of colloid formation of the bubble is still easy to disappear, have certain impact on the quality in terms of fillers. This paper determines the filling machine filling method: for general consumption of liquid materials such as bottled milk, bottled alcohol, carbonated drinks, etc. , can be used to fill pressure method, vacuum filling method, but given the cost of isobaric filling method can effectively reduce the loss of carbon dioxide, maintain the quality of gas-bearing drinks, and prevent bubbles excessive filling, ensure accurate filling measurement. Therefore, the isobaric filling method is adopted in this paper. The bottle filling machine in sequence: 1, into the air, 2, and into the liquid to gas; 3, stop the liquid; Four steps 4 to remove the residual liquid. All at the same time, various detection sensor production line into the PLC, PLC according to the state of sensors by writing a good program to control the work of the whole system. From liquid valve, gas pipeline, valve, centering cover, exhaust valve and other components fill valve component PLC to collect signal: 1. Filling machine bottle tray pressure 2. Centering pressure air 4. 5 selection pressure some defects. The largest hydraulic 6. Minimum hydraulic PLC output signals: conveyor belt 2. Tray 3. 4 of the valve. Filling valve 5. Defective lamp (6). 7 with defects. Defective selector 8. Feed valve is 9. Back to the duct 10. Fetching machine 11. Packaging machine
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