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Filling machine filling method and introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-01-28
Filling machine filling way is divided into vacuum type, pressure type, plunger, there is a department that is filling station, and disc. Linear liquid filling machine is currently popular filling machinery. Along with the advance of science and technology, the present filling machinery and equipment production capacity has greatly improved, in order to adapt to the market high demand, now most of the production enterprises adopt the operation mode of the production line. For example, the top and bottom line of liquid filling machinery is rational bottle machine, filling machine, capping machine, printing machine, etc. Linear filling machine is now filling machine in a relatively high degree of automation equipment, suitable for some of the larger manufacturers. Linear liquid filling machine versatility, can meet various container filling, such as round bottle, square bottle, glass bottle, all kinds of plastic bottles, glass and aluminum cans, and so on. Xinmao beverage packaging machinery production linear liquid filling machine in order to make the filling machine is in line with the use of all kinds of liquid, USES the stepless speed change device, equipment according to different materials, the automatic adjust the filling speed, and can complete the delivery, I automatically unscramble bottle, filling. Linear liquid filling machine mainly includes: unscramble bottle machine, filling machine, conveyor, sealing machine. Working principle: first bottle after bottle device to unscramble bottle tray, unscramble bottle rotating regular order is that the bottle into the conveyor belt orbit, again by the conveyor belt to transport empty bottle filling machine for filling station center, liquid filling in to the container before the conveyor belt to the sealing machine for packaging. Xinmao absorbs the advanced technology of Germany and Japan, beverage filling machinery production and technology accumulation for many years, the production of high quality of small and medium-sized beverage production line and beverage machinery complete sets of equipment.
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