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Filling equipment cleaning method

by:Xinmao     2021-05-28
Filling equipment cleaning method filling equipment on the principle of piston filling, suitable for dressing with particles and concentration in larger chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, mushroom sauce, jam, butter hot pot bed charge, red oil hot pot bed charge, such as relatively thick sauce like shrimp paste filling.   1 turn, filling valve can be according to customers' special material, to adapt to the material filling requirements of different customers.   2, equipped with horizontal mixing hopper, the double helix positive &negative mixing, mixing time can be set freely, larger extent of protection in the process of filling material evenly, without oil sauce separated, to ensure that every bottle filling accuracy.   3, the equipment in the design greatly shortens the distance under the hopper to the end of the filling filling, overcome the oil content of the material ( Such as: chili oil containing sesame seeds) Some bottles of oil in the process of filling, some more bottles of sauce filling error big shortcoming. Company will, as always, adhere to & other; Credit first, service first, quality & throughout; The marketing concept. Constantly, we to each customer, to provide users with technical service and support, and sincerely hereby society becoming our friends from all walks of life to visit negotiate.
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