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by:Xinmao     2021-04-23
With the development of industry and improvement of living standards of residents, filling machine is highly widely used in the food industry. In recent years due to labor population decline and rising wages, indirectly increased the cost of production, to a certain extent, affected the economic benefits of enterprises. So you need to use the advanced production equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce the number of workers to reduce the cost of production. In order to solve the problem of slow filling station operation and low efficiency, to optimize the original filling line design, improve work efficiency. This article mainly explains filling equipment status quo and development trend at home and abroad. Filling machinery industry in our country started mainly through the introduction and imitation of foreign advanced filling equipment. For decades, has been repeated - behind Introduction - Control - Behind this copy, copy process. Because not a breakthrough in fundamental technology innovation, lead to the development of the whole filling machinery industry is very slow, means that the domestic filling machinery industry also need to catch up with foreign manufacturing technology for a long time. Filling machine industry in China began in 1960, before this empty field, filling production basic done by hand, lead to the production efficiency is low. From the beginning of the 20th century seventy s, many coastal cities more than filling production line imported from western countries. These techniques, they compared the advanced production equipment for filling equipment industry in China has played a vital role in the development. In recent years, due to the rapid development of national economy in our country, for filling machinery industry towards the direction of automation, integration, structure on the simple and will not affect the overall function of a device to achieve a variety of functions. On the control system has been developed from the original relay control steering for PLC control, at the same time in order to facilitate the operation, touch screen is used more and more. At present, the development direction of filling machinery in our country mainly include the following: filling equipment efficiency is greatly improved, work stability, enhance the flexibility of mechanical elastic better proportion high intelligence, high integration control system gradually increase, however, the overall development of China's filling machinery industry outlook is not optimistic, mainly displays in the filling machine production enterprise on a smaller scale, technology and production conditions are still relatively backward. Other enterprises by introducing foreign technology and products coupled with its own production needs to improve. Filling machinery industry in our country, on the whole, not to seek innovation on fundamental technical equipment, this will severely affect the competitiveness of the enterprises and the development of the whole filling machinery industry. Therefore, developed a new type of high intelligence, high automatic filling equipment to meet the conditions of development, to make the relevant enterprises under the environment of the whole economic malaise. Due to the development of international trade in recent years, the change of consumption patterns and sales model, all countries, the demand for packaging machinery is also gradually increase, so the foreign production of packaging machinery also presents the trend of increased year by year. Foreign advanced packaging equipment embodies the modern mechanical equipment of mature technology, especially the United States, Britain, France and Japan and other developed countries, its packaging equipment automation technology along with the development of science and technology itself, have been in a leading position in the world. Bottling companies better known to have French west music company, German KHS company package, krones, sig and along with the point of tetra pak company, etc. In terms of liquid filling machinery, filling machinery in the developed countries of high precision, high degree of automation. And the same type of filling machine can meet the needs of different specifications, different medium filling at the same time, this characteristic greatly broaden the use of filling machine environment and sales market. Especially in improving filling machinery automation degree and convenient, has become a global filling equipment enterprise common development goals. Enhance the automation of filling equipment mainly has the following advantages: can improve production efficiency, can adapt to update the change of product, good for equipment fault pre-diagnosis, predictive maintenance, reduce environmental pollution, implementation, security monitoring, satisfies the requirement of business intelligence. In addition, filling machinery canned speed also have greatly ascend. Therefore, filling velocity and filling accuracy and filling line automation degree to a great extent, determines the development of filling equipment.
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