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Ensure the normal operation of daily production filling equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-05-28
Variety of filling equipment, the applicable range, the classification of filling equipment semi-automatic filling equipment and automatic filling equipment, in this need to artificial program is very few, the efficiency is very high, but it must be guaranteed for filling equipment routine maintenance and the correct method of use. If you want to keep the filling equipment performance and quality so it is very important to the usual method of use, the use of the correct filling equipment to ensure filling equipment normal operation is also very important, let's next filling equipment for the use of the method: 1, because filling equipment belong to automation machinery, so for easy pull a bottle, the bottle is the unification of the cushion, cap size requirements. 2, on money must roll rotates with the first machine, to examine its rotation is normal, if you can determine the functioning normally choose to boot. 3, in the adjustment of the machine, you should use the right tools, you should not use too much tool or use brute force to proceed with the removal of parts so you can avoid attaint parts led to a decline in machine performance. 4, every time after adjust the machine, then good will loose the screw tight, should first turn the machine by shaking the handle to observe the action of filling equipment is correct, if correct then you can drive. 5, in the working process of the filling equipment, the operator shall be cleaned of liquid or glass beads at any time. At the end of the work should be the various parts of the machine surface clean once, and in all the activities department and a cleaning lubricating oil. And should guarantee every week to a large mechanical scrubbing, especially should pay attention to the places where we do not easy to clean at ordinary times to, we should choose the compressed air blowing off. We should ensure that its clean when using filling equipment, machine oil, liquid medicine is not allowed or glass beads, this may be caused to mechanical damage. Only for filling equipment maintenance in place and the right operation method are in the process of production can prolong the service life of machinery, but also can guarantee in the production process of high efficiency, high quality and guarantee.
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