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Efforts to promote the reform of marketization of water treatment equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-02-27
With the implementation of the strategy of energy conservation and emissions reduction in China over the years, our country in the sewage treatment industry has made more progress, construction of sewage treatment and operation market will enter a high-speed development period, the integration of the entire industry is about to start work, will further promote the reform of marketization of water treatment equipment, sewage treatment investment operation market in China has a broad market space. Water treatment equipment industry in our country mainly exist in the two big problems, on the one hand is the moment, a city sewage treatment has finished ahead of 70% of the target, but the county and town sewage treatment is still low, on the other hand is expanding rural pollution, lead to river tributaries, river and groundwater sustained, rapid and water quality deterioration. Promulgated by the State Council in 2007, the State Council on forwarding environmental protection administration departments to notice on strengthening the opinions of the rural environmental protection work, to promote the county sewage treatment facilities of unified planning, unified construction, unified management with clear rules, conditional larger towns and villages should be construction of sewage treatment facilities, peri-urban village sewage can be incorporated into the urban sewage collection pipe network, to live more dispersed, poor economic conditions, village sewage can adopt the method of distributed, low cost, easy management for processing. Small and medium-sized water pollution governance project has broad market prospects. Water treatment equipment industry in China wants to make great progress, it is necessary to clear the two factors affecting the development of industry, respectively is: 1, economic development and people's living standards improve internal demand, main show is in the city upgrade, community construction, people's demands for living environment promotion needs of new water treatment such as construction of park green space. The main demand will promote the rain, the development of the landscape water treatment and sewage treatment market. 2, national policy under the control of rigid demand, mainly for the state encourages to water pollution governance, promote implementation of energy saving and emission reduction, attaches great importance to the circulation of water resources utilization, solve the problem of water shortage region such as demanded by the policy. These requirements will largely promote the circulating water market, small and medium-sized industrial sewage treatment market develop rapidly. Our country is lack of water, only 2300 cubic meters per capita share of water resources. Country attaches great importance to the protection of water resources and recycling, encourage the development of circular economy, support the sustainable development, enforce energy conservation and emissions reduction, attaches great importance to the green environmental protection industry development, these all involve the aspirations of saving water, increasing utilization degree.
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