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Drinks are used in the production of the machine? Beverage manufacturers equipment configuration

by:Xinmao     2020-12-01
Beverage production machinery overview beverage machinery equipment refers to the equipment used in the manufacture of all kinds of drinks, generally consists of many equipment production line for processing all kinds of beverage, water treatment equipment, blunt bottle machine, filling machine, sealing machine, sterilization equipment, CIP in-place cleaning machine, filtration equipment, packaging equipment and so on. Beverage machinery development of beverage industry is an emerging industry developed after the reform and open policy, in 1982 a national plan management product, the total beverage production 400000 tons. For more than 20 years, China's beverage industry since the childhood, has begun to take shape, and become a certain foundation, and can well adapt to the market need of food industry is one of the key industries. The rapid development of the beverage industry, construction of national economy and improve people's quality of life to make due contributions. Drinks have become the people daily life indispensable food consumption. Beverage production equipment comes into being with the production of beverage industry, and with the development of beverage industry. As early as in 1890 the United States has created a glass bottle filling machine. In 1912 and invented the crown cap capping machine, and then create a set of filling and gland in the integration of filling machine. In the early 20th century Germany also produced the manual filling machine and capping machine. Beverage production equipment technology with higher levels of countries such as Germany, the United States, Italy and Sweden. Asia's Japan started relatively late, but development soon, also occupies a certain position in the international market. Aseptic cold filling techniques applied in the beverage production. Aseptic cold filling equipment originated in Britain and then spread to the United States and Europe, mainly used in the industries of fruit juice, almost a decade has entered the market of milk and other beverage filling. Beverage machinery development trend is the development trend of beverage production machinery: ( 1) High speed, high quality, high precision, to large-scale development. In order to adapt to the beverage industry production, in order to get the best economic benefit, beverage equipment is more and more tend to be large. Such as carbonated beverage filling equipment filling speed of up to 2000 cans/min, H and K company, Germany SEN corp, the KRO - NES company, its filling equipment filling valve Numbers, respectively, up to 165 head, 144 head, 178 head. Non-carbonated drinks equipment Numbers have a 50 - filling valve Up to 100 head, the filling speed 1500 cans/min. ( 2) Multi-functional multi-purpose integrated equipment, adapt to a variety of liquids, a variety of bottle filling and sealing. For tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk drinks and fruit drinks and other beverages hot filling, can also be used for glass bottle and pet bottle filling. ( 3) Electromechanical integration which is the most important trend in the development of beverage machinery and equipment. Programmable controller is widely used in control system of beverage machinery and equipment, large-scale equipment using computer control, fault self diagnosis, signs, realized the intellectualized. Production equipment, with high technical content, high reliability, full production line of high automatic control level and high efficiency. On-line detection device and metering device supporting complete, can automatically detect the parameters of the metering precision. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products constantly emerging. Beverage packaging equipment reliability and the coordination of packaging line, directly affect the work efficiency of the whole production line, production cost and product quality. Beverage machinery of different kinds of beverage production technology need different beverage production equipment, the following several kinds of gm in the beverage production process and equipment in production. A water, water treatment equipment is one of the largest raw materials in beverage production, and the advantages and disadvantages of water quality has enormous influence on the quality of beverage. Therefore, must to deal with water in order to meet the process requirements. Usually in the role of water treatment equipment is divided into three categories: water filtration equipment, water softening equipment, water disinfection sterilization equipment. ( A) Water filtration equipment ( 1) Sand filtration equipment ( Many media filtration equipment) Sand filters ( Many media filter) Is a layer of anthracite coal, sand, and finely garnet, or other material for bed mechanical filtration equipment, its principle is according to the depth of filtering the water particles of different granularity, larger particles on the top floor has been removed, depth of small particles in the filter medium is removed, so that the water quality reach the standard after the coarse filtration, reduce water SDI ( Sludge density index) Value, satisfies the requirement of deep purification of water quality. ( 2) Filter with activated carbon adsorption, and certain turbidity removal effect, major structure of the activated carbon filter and decorate a form similar to sand filters. Therefore, activated carbon adsorption is also known as activated carbon filter.
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