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Drink water in the mechanical filter can be divided into what kind of equipment?

by:Xinmao     2021-01-07
Drink water in the mechanical filtration equipment classification is as follows: 1, sand filtration equipment ( Many media filtration equipment) Sand filters ( Many media filter) Is a layer of anthracite coal, sand, and finely garnet, or other material for bed mechanical filtration equipment, its principle is according to the depth of filtering the water particles of different granularity, larger particles on the top floor has been removed, depth of small particles in the filter medium is removed, so that the water quality reach the standard after the coarse filtration, reduce water SDI ( Sludge density index) Value, meet the deep purification of water quality. 2, sand core rod rod filter filter cores also called sand filter rod filter, already finalize the design product in the water treatment equipment. Is mainly used in the treatment of water, the water contains only less organic matter, bacteria and other impurities in water treatment. 3, microporous filter, microporous filter is a new type of membrane separation technology. It can filter out the filtrate, gas 0. 01μ M or more particles and bacteria. Its characteristic is high capture ability, large filtration area, long service life, high filtration precision, small resistance, mechanical strength, no stripping phenomenon, strong acid and alkali resistance, easy to use. This filter can filter out most of the particles, so widely used in precision filtration and aseptic technique. Is 4, activated carbon filter, activated carbon adsorption, it also has a certain effect in addition to material, activated carbon filter's main structure and decorate a form similar to sand filters. Therefore, activated carbon adsorption is also known as activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filter is mainly used for organic contaminants in water and the water molecules of the journal of colloid particles, can also be used for dechlorination, etc.
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