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Double cone vacuum ozone sterilization machine in drinks - what are the purposes Company news - Filling machine, beverage machinery and equipment, beverage production line,

by:Xinmao     2021-02-25
A, structure features: 1, this equipment is mainly composed of mixing barrel, support, backplane, transmission device, electric control, ozone generating chamber and other parts. 2, the structure is exquisite, smooth running, easy operation. 3, material mixing, no mechanical extrusion and strong wear, can maintain complete material particles, material in the working process of the direct sterilization at the same time, need not sterilized separately, and discharging is convenient, easy cleaning refueling. 4, mixed operation under the closed state, with no dust work good conditions. Purpose: ozone sterilization double cone mixer is the pharmaceutical industry and other industries as a dry powder or granular materials mixed material sterilization equipment. Is a relatively important beverage machinery equipment, it can also be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, food, ceramics, metallurgy industry, biological engineering, etc. Three, double cone vacuum ozone sterilization machine product performance: this product is absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad to carry on the design, and on the basis of original increased ozone sterilization function, the material in a mixed turns, from decomposition to combination, combination to decompose, repeated operation, contact with the ozone more fully, more complete, has the advantages of general mixer cannot reach.
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