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Do a regular water needs much investment

by:Xinmao     2021-02-28
A proper15 waterworks what need to buy equipment investment if you need to how much water production equipment, have to know bottled, bottled water production process flow, raw water filter are first into pure water or mineral water, and then send the bucket back sterilization, then in filling, the final packing in the packing workshop, then filling into a barrel, sales of bottled water factory, if recycling back barrels to use limit should be abandoned, or broken package sold to downstream manufacturers specializing in plastic recycling, in the finished product to bottled water or the water quality requirements stipulated in the bottled water factory, so at ordinary times you have to have a water testing equipment, at the same time filling workshop equipped with disinfection sterilization equipment. To sum up, the so-called water production equipment including: water production equipment ( RO reverse osmosis equipment, water treatment equipment) , triad filling machine, bottle brush, Barrels a day). Machine, pull cap machine, bottle sterilization machine, heat shrinkable film machine, VAT code printer, and QS certification devices ( Air shower, air self-purification, super clean workbench, lamp JianXiang and laboratory equipment) And a crusher ( Don't need too much according to the actual decision) 。 If you have a plan to open bottle, bottled water production line, or you want to buy water production equipment, water filling production line, or you want to consult the water production equipment and the water filling production line, you can contact us xinmao beverage machinery equipment, we have a complete set of service, a one-stop shopping experience, we can provide you with complete ideal solution, the general equipment investment about 200000 ( Does not contain the land price) The production, according to the specific model.
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