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Different stages of use the matters needing attention of soda filling production line

by:Xinmao     2021-04-14
Soda filling production line is a collection of washing, filling and capping functions as one of the filling equipment, process automation, suitable for polyester bottle filling gas beverage such as cola, Sprite, this machine use SUS304 material, Lord guan parts using CNC machine precision machining, the machine adopts advanced photoelectric detection operation condition of the parts, with no bottle no filling, no bottle no cover, high degree of automation, simple operation of man-machine interface display. Soda filling line in use, in order to guarantee the soda filling and the stability of the production line, in the equipment before use, use and after use should pay attention to some details, including: 1, 1) soda filling line before use In soda liquid filling machine into a certain amount of ozone water in cylinder, highly to the liquid surface tube upper specified location, and configuration of concentration of disinfectant in accordance with the relevant provisions; 2) Open air line valve, to achieve approximately six atmospheric pressure air source, test all electromagnetic valve, cylinder work are in good condition, whether or not sensitive, gas path jam exists, whether to add lubricant motor, bearing, it is strictly prohibited without oil, at the same time, with or without observation parts fasteners loose, the above case can't production, to troubleshoot rear can production. 3) Check whether the fault signal is good, the movement is effective, in confirm in good condition, ready to work has opened below can be the perfect host, adjust speed to 120 barrels/hour, idle running 3 - 5 minutes. 2, soda filling line 1) When the pause in time according to the production speed puts bucket conveyor belt. The various parts of the operator to close observation circuit, dynamic, in case of accidents, if what's happening, and maintenance personnel in time, timely troubleshooting. After 3, soda filling line using 1) Stop: stop button and wait for automatic stop after the work cycle. 2) Electricity: disconnect main power supply. 3) Air supply: to cut off the gas source, and the air discharge net residual pressure in the system. More information about soda filling production line, welcome to continue to focus on the company, the door of the town, zhangjiagang flourish, teng beverage packaging machinery factory's main products are: fruit juice filling production line, the pure water filling production line, bottled water filling production line, the soda filling production line, tea beverage filling production line, carbonated beverage filling production line and so on, welcome to come to consult the choose and buy!
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