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Development of deep processing of agricultural products beverage machinery and equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-04-28
Fruit and vegetable drinks is an important area for deep processing of agricultural products. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, continuously expand and speed up the development in the field of deep processing of agricultural products, the development of fruit and vegetable drinks become the people are very concerned about the topic. Technology and equipment is the key to speed up the development of deep processing of agricultural products, is & quot; Bottleneck & quot; 。 The nutrition of fruit and vegetable products and security points BBS xiao-song hu, director of the fruit and vegetable processing engineering technology research center by the state and the international federation of food science and technology commissioner, MaryK, former chairman of America's food science and technology academy. Schmidl joint. Xiao-song hu said in a statement, our country is fruit production power, but fruit per capita consumption level is still far less than developed countries. Fresh fruit transportation in China, the high cost of storage on one side, city of the high price of fruit and vegetable, and on one side, farmers sell fruit difficult selling vegetables difficult, affecting the public life and fruit vegetable farmers income. To solve these problems, in addition to fruit and vegetable production and marketing of information platform to build and use, the depth of the fruit and vegetable products processing is the only way for the development of industry, and the road smooth, depends on the encourage of national policy and advanced enterprise business, and also need to rely on beverage processing equipment technical updates. The beverage machinery and equipment development of our country to today's fully able to meet the needs of the domestic beverage manufacturers, is take the - The technology introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, gradual localization of the road. Compared with the advanced technology abroad, beverage processing in our country, there are product specification is complete, complete, low level of automation and control, single machine performance is not stable, advanced technology application less faults and weaknesses. Our country in the production of manufacturing equipment, processing means, design levels compared with foreign main filling equipment manufacturing enterprises have, distance, these are our beverage machinery industry needs continuous efforts, improved. In the 21st century, beverage machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in our country is still full of hope, faith and strength. It is the development direction of large-scale, high speed and improve stability is one of the main targets of development. But the product technical level in general are obviously less than the developed country advanced level, mainly displays in the control level is low, high and new technology application, new material, new process was slow, only about 10% of the products can reach the level of developed countries in the early 90 s. Filling production line of bottle washing machine, bottle sterilizer and lose system, its overall performance and the technical level basically reached or close to the level of similar foreign products. Main problems of beverage processing machinery in China can meet the general requirements of beverage production enterprise, but is far from being fully meet the needs of the development of beverage industry, mainly is the product size is not complete, complete sets of sex difference, especially large complete sets of equipment, less product automation level is not high, the low level of control, advanced technology, is still great gap with foreign advanced level. Especially in fruit and vegetable drinks before processing equipment manufacturing level is not high. With foreign gap is the main reason, it is the industry foundation is bad, the enterprise independent development ability is not high, & quot; Purpose & quot; To & quot; The ninth & quot; Very few national investment, enterprise to survive can only short, flat, fast product development, caused the low level product vicious competition; The second is due to a serious shortage of funds, high technology content of products, enterprises are unable to put money into development; 3 it is part of the enterprise does not pay attention to product quality, less technical input, processing equipment stale, combined with the basic parts, fittings quality closes nevertheless, thus affecting the reliability of the whole machine. Beverage machinery industry development industry expert opinions beverage machinery development relatively late in our country, compared with the developed countries, the quality of domestic products and there is the gap of the technical level. Beverage machinery manufacturing industry in our country, therefore, must be combined with their own actual, draw lessons from country to advanced technology, combined with practical experience, actively explore new technology, new technology development, the production of high-end products to participate in international competition. Industry expert introduction: in the long time see, high-end will be beverage machinery development in our country. Because of the diversification of drinks demand different beverage machinery development innovation could strengthen the drinks demand of the market, but also promote the development of the beverage innovative thinking and the development of beverage machinery, beverage machinery industry now gradually expand the scale, and presents several big trend. Requirements for production efficiency is higher and higher, so that enterprises can lower produce cost, satisfy the delivery time, high speed packing machine before sum in relevant cohesion, so as to greatly improve the production efficiency, and to reduce the enterprise production cost. To adapt to changes in the renewal of the products, beverage packaging machinery to have very good flexibility and flexibility, the production line to allow within a certain size may have change, because the product statement cycle is much shorter than the equipment service life, and change the product or packaging don't have to replace the expensive packaging production line. Moreover, an automatic recognition function, on the one hand, able to automatically identify by elasticity, hardness, thickness of packaging materials, etc. , with the help of the computer feedback to the manipulator to adjust its movement range, to ensure that won't bounce back. On the other hand, all kinds of different products, such as a variety of shapes of the arrangement of food into the box has a certain regularity, products in the production line transfer is unordered, can use the automatic identification of machinery and equipment, to separate the difference between different products, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid completion. The high-end beverage machinery has been the trend of The Times, at the same time, also only high-end beverage machinery can meet the demand of high speed development of beverage.
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