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Cultural soft power and hard nuclear fusion technology

by:Xinmao     2021-05-30
Enterprise culture code of conduct to build a highly professional dedication and good professional quality staff team is one of the company's business strategy, but also the fundamental guarantee of enterprises success. Common ideal, culture, morality and discipline, is the source of our strength; Pragmatic, and the enterprising entrepreneurial spirit, is the enterprise a guide to action, sets up the good enterprise image. “ Ten years trees, one hundred ents & throughout; 。 Only carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, constantly absorbs the essence of the world civilization, can greatly enrich the enterprise culture, improve staff quality, to complete the enterprise target lay a solid mental foundation. Hope all the staff join hands to create a better tomorrow. ( A) Staff overall style 1, instrument elegant 4, 2, 3, attitude and good moral man 5, knowledge breadth, 6, 7 deep conservation and aggressive 8, conscientious, doing things calm, active responsible for 10 (9 2) Ethics 1, love enterprise, love the job 2, comply with the national policy and decree, and abide by business rules and foreign affairs discipline. 3, take good care of public property and the interest of the company. 4, study hard, study hard, obey the order, complete the task well. 5, loyal to their duties, have the courage to responsible, a person of integrity. 6, mutual respect, solidarity and collaboration, motivate yourself. ( 3) Business specification 1, the relationship between business objects, uphold the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results 2, customer complaints and complaints seriously, take measures to solve in time.
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