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Consequences of soda production line lack of maintenance is easy

by:Xinmao     2021-05-29
Whatever the equipment, if the lack of its maintenance, it is easy to cause equipment fault, all kinds of soda production line is not exceptional also, small make up then simple introduction of soda production line for you if the lack of daily about what consequences can become, hope that through the introduction of the following can help you later use. 1 not firm, sealing failure, failure of cold pressing roller pressure is not appropriate, is the cause of heat sealing speed too fast, not enough heat sealing temperature, heat sealing film quality has a problem, in this case can be appropriately raise heat sealing temperature, reduce the heat sealing speed again, at the same time increase the pressure of cold pressing roller. : 2, thermometer display failure caused by the fault is the main reason the thermometer has been bad, must repair, mechanical aspects of the reason is the uneven heat sealing pressure, as long as adjust the spring pressure of heat sealing knife, make its pressure, and one reason is that the heat sealing of composite material itself quality is bad, coefficient of heat sealing changes, caused by the temperature of the inconsistencies. 3, use can shorten life: this requires correct operation, every operation according to processing power, open the power switch, indicator, set the thermostat to the predetermined temperature and correct operation steps. From the above we can know the use of soda production line without the user's daily maintenance, so how should the user to do a good job of maintenance of equipment? 1, it is forbidden to work under the state of the water shortage, please check before operation and operation of water level in the tank, In the window) 。 Every day after work, would you please clean the machine and let dry residual water in the tank, please pay special attention to in northern cold region of dry water pump in the water, in case of damage to the pump. 2, soda production line should be regularly ( Half a year) Come on to the rolling bearing parts, pay attention to the difference between south and north, and the change of seasons, winter and summer should add different oil. 3, air compressor gas and air double couplet body water, must be used when the water container catch the release of water, so as to avoid pollution of the ground. 4, soda production line please professional maintenance staff to maintain the motor on a regular basis. More information about soft drink production line, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!
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