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Conclusion bottle beverage production line can realize four big convenience

by:Xinmao     2021-02-21
Conclusion bottle beverage production line can realize four convenient glass bottle beverage production line is suitable for a variety of special-shaped bottle, bottle type and replace adjustment is more convenient and quick. To close down filling bottle, the liquid bottle sprays the lining, and can't afford to hop, no spillover. Electric synchronization of continuous stepless adjustment quantitative, LCD digital display shows. When switched on, the glass bottle beverage production line is mainly composed of low speed rise slowly to the set speed, no rigid impulse, so don't break the bottle machine. In and out of the bottle dial the overload clutch protection device must be set to round, can appear abnormal situation then will automatically stop the alarm. To the elastic TuoPing device, not limited by bottle high, short, if the bottle does not reach the designated position, not broken bottles. Level control to adopt ball float liquid level control device, liquid level control stability. Glass bottle beverage production line can realize the convenience of the following: ( 1) System through the switch is set to automatic operation mode, once started, the conveyor belt drive motor start and keep to the stop switch action or for filling bottles were sent to stop when filling equipment under; After the bottle full of drinks and cover, the conveyor belt drive motor must start automatically, and keep on to the next for filling bottles were sent to filling equipment or stop switch action; ( 2) When the bottle positioning under filling equipment, pause 1 s, filling equipment to work for big bottle filling eight seconds, a small bottle filling 5 seconds, when finished filling process was carried out on the beverage bottle cover, cover for 2 seconds. The whole process of filling and cover should report to the police, according to stay on after the cover is no longer showing alarm; Alarm way as the red light to 0. 5 s interval; ( 3) Beverage filling machinery on the packaging, for a small bottle: 40 bottles as a bundle, 30 bottles for one bag, 20 bottles for a small bag; For large bottle: 20 bottles as a bundle, 15 bottles for one package of ten bottles for a small bag; ( 4) Glass bottle beverage production line can achieve the production product for automatic counting and can to counter reset manually.
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