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Cleanness of beverage machinery components and evaluation methods

by:Xinmao     2021-01-01
Followed the steps of our article friends should know, beverage machinery sort is more, in a variety of categories, today, the beverage machinery professionals to introduce the component under its cleanliness and what are the ways of evaluation: a wet area of contaminants, components unit 2, components unit three wet volume of pollutants, the components in the wet volume greater than 5 & mu; M and 15 & mu; M the number of particles, and a solid particle pollution levels for ISO4435 representation according to beverage machinery professionals, due to the oil pollution assessment is generally USES the particle counting method, in this also because of component cleanliness is generally the representation method of the wet unit volume particle number here, to assess the purity of the hydraulic components it can adopt the following methods: first, rinsed in shaking method: in the injection in the element within a certain amount of cleaning test and components can be sealed, strongly by mechanical methods, shaking the element internal pollutants of all the elements will always brush to test in the liquid, and the determination of the test fluid is a pollution test bed irrigation: beverage machinery researchers say, can access prior purification of test stand for elements of the system, the test fluid circulation again through the components, the components of internal pollution entirely into test fluid, and then from the system to collect samples for the determination of pollution at a time
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