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Choose the right bottled pure water production line is very important

by:Xinmao     2021-05-19
Bottled water is the common consumer goods, consumer groups is very extensive, especially in railway stations, docks, schools, hotels, tourist attractions, trains, and other public places a greater sales. Everyone know ordinary water stand for the more long, aging is serious, water quality pure water is not aging, because after the food industry water purification equipment, water does not contain any material, and sealing of the pure water without air into the, of course, kaifeng's pure water is another matter, because after opening the can have air into the water, and contains a lot of bacteria in the air is very virus, these bacteria will, together with the air into the water to a certain extent, also affect the taste of pure water, so the kaifeng pure water must be finished as soon as possible. In order to keep the water clean, how to choose bottled water is very important. Around 1, water quality, as a result of water quality is different, so the choose and buy bottled water products, should be with local related department consultation in advance or ask big brand company in the local service providers for water quality. In order to have a targeted to buy bottled water products. 2, see the appearance, beautiful degree is many things, but the appearance of any equipment must be in order to facilitate operation and maintenance as the premise, if just for the sake of beautiful and makes little sense to additional accessories, inevitably leads to the increase of production cost, the inevitable is a customer and bear the cost. 3, see material pledge, generally adopts 304 stainless steel on the market at present, but some manufacturers in order to reduce cost tend to choose 202 stainless steel, although look, there is no obvious difference on appearance, but in the long term, for the corrosion resistance of the equipment and health indicators, often brings the serious influence. 4, watch accessories, under a system project the same performance, the use of good parts will lead to better performance, but also improves the purchase cost, the balance here, need to the customer and manufacturer communication, detailed test is manufacturer of engineering research and development strength, can't to detail. 5, after-sales service, there are a lot of small factory there is no complete maintenance service are also selling products on the market, thus caused a lot of consumers to buy, can't find the maintenance services. Equipment after-sales mainly concentrated in the cartridge replacement, such as filter does not change for a long time, will pollute water supplies, equipment will also be a & other; Sewage device & throughout; 。 Choose device must choose has perfect after-sales service products, usually they will have someone prompt customer change filter, etc.
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