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by:Xinmao     2021-05-19
Water is the source of life, health, is also the root of disease, death. Life and health of both the amount of water requirement, and quality requirements. Good water, fresh water, the high quality water will give people health and long life; Something, stagnant water and bad water will bring human illness and death. In a broad sense, the secret of longevity and health by 100% in the water, more than 80% of the fundamental source of the disease and death is the quality of water. High quality water can determine high-quality healthy living. Water besides is a major part of the life, also participated in the whole process of human metabolism, nutrients in the body is the only carrier transport and metabolic wastes, or seven classes of the human body needs nutrients, is the important source of a variety of trace elements. But modern & other; Water blind & throughout; Than & other; Illiteracy & throughout; More stubborn old concept of drinking water are & other; Eat & throughout; The people's physical and mental health; The water of ordinary people blind themselves sick, even harm the family; Businessmen, doctors, and the water of official blind, endanger society, legacy stretches & hellip; … U. n. secretary-general ban ki-moon said: & other; All the the number of people who died from drinking water in the world has more than the number of deaths from war and violence. ” The expert points out, drinking water is closely related to everyone's health. Third military medical university of military preventive medicine environmental hygiene department, points out that the group of professor shu body three pathological changes is closely related to the drinking water quality: atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, myocardial hypertrophy & hellip; … By the Chinese center for disease control expert team long-term research 'atlas of huaihe river basin water environment and the digestive tract tumor death, also confirmed a high incidence of cancer and the direct relationship between the water pollution. In charge of the health of human body, water flow where there is life! First choice, from a nutritional point of view, the water is very important to the body, 70% to 90% in infant body formed by water, 70% middle-aged body is made up of water, only about 60% moisture content after the older. So, the whole development process of the people and the aging process is the dehydration process of the body. Secondly, the basic characteristics of life has a big name is metabolic, all of our metabolism is made within the cell, including metabolism, information metabolism, energy metabolism, and the metabolism is inseparable from the water. Finally, the high quality of water can keep people healthy, even to have the effect of the prevention and treatment of some diseases. So, choose good water equal to choose healthy! So, what should we drink water? Scientifically determined, the human body all kinds of chemical elements in the blood, the mean value of trace elements is closely related to the abundance of the elements in the crust value, mineral water is dissolved minerals in the earth's crust, so the mineral water rich in trace elements necessary to human body. The silicon is the most abundant natural mineral in the earth's crust, second only to the presence of oxygen. Silicon as the necessary trace elements are widespread in a variety of plants and animals, is an important element of cells and organs, is to maintain strength, flexibility and plasticity necessary ingredient. Using silicon element of the special physical treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. In the busy life rhythm, fast food and junk food is inevitable, thus induced gastrointestinal discomfort can easily develop into infectious diseases, the person that weigh can cause intense abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and diarrhea, time is long can make the patient's physical and psychological suffering. However, most people will not go to a hospital for medical treatment, is to choose the recovery on its own. And silicon silicate adhesive in the active ingredient can be combined with pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract is produce toxins, and promote the digestive tract natural removal effect of pathogens and toxins. Xinmao is one of the production of silicon water equipment industry, product variety, suitable for all levels. The product prospect is broad, enormous energy. Hope that the above introduction can give fans to solve clear silicon element for all kinds of disease can influence and role. Drink water more, drink water!
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