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Chinese enterprises and the enterprises in the foreign advanced what the gap in terms of food and beverage machinery

by:Xinmao     2021-02-20
A, information collecting, sorting, gap analysis between the developed countries food machinery industry attaches great importance to the information collection, generally the company has specialized market information collection, sorting, analysis of agency, and timely decisions for the company to provide reliable according to the analysis of the market forecast. Small and medium-sized enterprises to join associations or group to obtain the required information and propaganda of their own products. Uninformed food machinery enterprises in our country, has not yet completed the necessary information systems and information sources of the single; Between industry, industry, enterprises and research institutes lack of communication; Enterprise does not understand the situation of the domestic industry, a lack of understanding of the same products abroad. In today's information society, information block will inevitably lead to lag behind the international level and lagging behind the situation of food industry demand. Without advanced food machinery products, there is no modern food industry, poor food machinery will hinder the rapid development of food industry. At present, China's food machinery output value accounts for machinery industry output value proportion was only 0. Gross industrial output value accounted for 7%, food 2. 6%, exports account for 10% of the total output value, if meet the basic meet the demand of food industry in China is short of 1000 ~ 1300 kinds of products, the existing equipment, though prices cheaper than similar foreign product several times or even more than ten times, due to the unstable performance or do not match, food factory still don't want to choose and buy. At present, China's food machinery products up to international level in the late 1980 s and early '90 s accounted for 5% ~ 8%, reached international level of 20% in the 1980 s; Of the 1970 s level of 60%. Second, the gap between China's enterprises and the foreign advanced enterprises in developed countries food machinery enterprises the development of science and technology investment, science and technology team, the construction of experiment base in the important position. The cost of the development of science and technology accounted for 8% ~ 10% of the sales; Science and technology personnel for scientific and technological personnel, at showering 30% ~ 50% of total employees; Companies with new product development and research center, testing center and other institutions; Has the advanced scientific research equipment, testing instruments and new product technology development, testing of the complete application. Food machinery for small and medium enterprises in our country, there is almost no their own research and development institutions; Enterprises to the development of science and technology, on average less than 1% of sales; Colleges and universities and research institutes of scientific research project with the market demand, has not been formed drive the close combination of scientific research and production operation mechanism; Enterprise testing and detection means and equipment is old; Enterprise of science and technology personnel, accounts for the proportion of all the staff is low. Three, the management level gap between the developed countries food and beverage machinery enterprise management level is high, such as the Swiss buhler currently has subsidiaries in more than 100 countries and regions, renowned for the pursuit of advanced production technology and high efficiency, input, output, from parts to have implemented computer management, such as semi-finished products inventory developed a top-down scheduling, statistics, production, marketing automation management network, fully modernized civilization production, overall average labor productivity is 20 ~ 30 times that of the industry in our country; 90% of the products are exported to headquarters alone. Most of the food machinery industry in our country history is short, the enterprise technical level is not high, the lack of experience in production and management, enterprise too much attention to expand production, through internal development of the productive forces to improve technical level still don't seriously, lack of enterprise management, production efficiency is low, the efficiency is poor, the per capita labor productivity is low; Export products output value accounts for only 10% of total output.
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