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Chinese beer beverage filling machinery industry in the development of the five main trend analysis

by:Xinmao     2021-03-15
Now a, equipment integration, more and more manufacturers to develop integrated beverage machinery and equipment on the market. Such as zhangjiagang top shun machinery factory and other enterprises industry was blunt bottle, filling and screw cap as one unit. Equipment integrated multiple process link unit integrated into a complete, eliminating the middle circulation may cause secondary pollution, improve the overall efficiency of the equipment. From the point of market response, this type of equipment in the user's demand. Sterile filling equipment in the domestic market are serene, integration equipment market acceptance is undoubtedly makes manufacturers were delighted. In the short term, the development of integrated equipment will be relatively aseptic filling equipment rapidly, the manufacturer's r&d enthusiasm will be increasingly high. Second, strengthen the degree of automation with beer and beverage industry scale, centralization, the speed of the market for beer and beverage filling machinery, performance, higher requirements are put forward. Mass production needs high speed, high efficiency of production equipment. And to increase the productivity of the filling machinery, automation level must be strengthened. At present, there have been many enterprises begin to strengthen equipment automation level, and carry out a series of technical research and development. In the market, under the drive of beer beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry in China will further strengthen the research and development of automation equipment. 3, equipment adaptability in beer and beverage industry after decades of development, product category, packaging forms have been enriched. And consumers also more and more high to the requirement of the packaging, beer beverage manufacturers in new packaging form, change, on the packaging quality refinement, and beauty. Tend to form a enterprise management products to dozens or even hundreds of, enterprises in the process of production, often several different packaging products in the form of continuous production. This requires filling equipment has strong adaptability, can adapt to more and more kinds of filling material, specifications, and containers, and even different filling process. Equipment adaptability of promotion, on the one hand, show the equipment to adapt to the breadth of ascension; On the one hand, show the equipment process adjustment convenience. Four, enterprise scale beer beverage filling machinery market in China is more and more high to the requirement of complete sets of equipment supply capacity. With the development of beer and beverage industry, industry scale is bigger and bigger, at the same time, the industrial concentration is becoming more and more high. The expansion of production scale, enterprise strength strong, corresponding to the requirement of equipment is more and more high. To comply with the requirements of the market, our country beer beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry need to further improve the supply of complete sets of equipment and complete sets of high-end equipment capacity, and achieve the premise is to scale enterprises. From the specific case of the industry, industry leading enterprise market scale is also expanding rapidly. For example, in 2004, sales of beer filling industry in guangdong light industry ErChang nearly doubled from 2003, growth, market ranking is the second largest industry. To develop large-scale enterprises, the market also requires enterprise scale, the scale has been the trend of The Times. Five, the industry concentration beer beverage machinery filling equipment for many years in our country are: enterprise scale is small, the state of the enterprise development level is uneven. In recent years, with the rapid development of beer industry, beer beverage filling machinery market is developing rapidly, rapid growth of beer beverage filling machinery manufacturers. Since 2000, beer beverage filling machinery industry emerge a batch of well-known enterprises. At present, this batch of well-known enterprises have become a basic industry leading enterprises, they took a significant market beer beverage filling machine market share, and also in rapid development. Beer beverage filling machinery industry in China has shown the characteristics of technological innovation as the core competitiveness. A few to technological innovation as the core competitiveness of industry leading enterprises showed obvious competitive advantage. The future of the market share will further to concentrate in this part of the enterprise. In addition, beer and beverage industry is more and more big, the demand for complete filling equipment for filling machinery manufacturer of complete sets of supply ability is higher and higher demands are proposed, which require filling machinery industry enterprise scale. Market demand to filling machinery industry scale, industry concentration. The industry leading enterprises with obvious scale development potential and advantages, our country beer beverage filling machinery industry will develop in the direction of industry concentration.
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