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China will move forward in the direction of the center of the world drinks

by:Xinmao     2021-02-20
Entered the stage of rapid development in our country, the machinery to open in Europe and the international market. To successfully enter the international market, on the one hand, is associated with the technical level of China beverage machinery, on the other hand is also associated with the form of the American beverage machinery market. As a highly developed market liberalisation, the American beverage machinery manufacturer polarization phenomenon is obvious. Currently, the development of the world's advanced packaging machinery has present a set of machine, electricity, gas, liquid, optical, magnetic, as one of the momentum, the production of high efficiency, energy conservation and recycling of products, the practical application of new and high technology, intelligent has become a trend, it also should be the mainstream beverage machinery development direction in China. Represented by testing instruments, code device of the cabinet and delicate electronic products in the United States thrive; With heat shrinkable packaging machine, wrapping machine and sealing machine universal beverage machinery also has a specific gravity; With filling machine, labeling machine, sealing machine to give priority to large mechanical production line, basically have not production in the United States, almost all market for imported equipment, especially German, Italian manufacturer production equipment occupied. Chinese beverage machinery manufacturing level and the level of industrial design by imitating, the introduction of technology and the globalization of capital and procurement way to rapid development. Beverage machinery manufacturing enterprise in China today is very easy to get some key parts by global purchasing, so as to rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of the equipment. On some low-tech products, at present China's production of many kinds of drinks machinery, have been able to meet the requirements of the U. S. market, and the most possible breakthrough in a short time. But in the automatic packing machine, labeling machine, sealing machine and manipulator device, such as the machinery is made in China can't compete with Germany, Italy, Japan products. Through technical improvement and optimization, to realize localization of high-end packaging equipment is just around the corner, and through the continuous application of new and high technology and promote, armed and strengthen the overall level of the industry, our country also will move forward in the direction of the center of the world drinks.
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