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China's lack of proportion in food and packaging machinery varieties roughly between 30 to 40

by:Xinmao     2021-03-15
Xinmao machinery has years of experience in production technology, is a professional beverage machinery, beverage equipment manufacturer, main products including beverage machinery, beverage equipment, packaging machinery low level repeated construction of industry products upgrading and innovation have been constituted obstacles, should find ways to solve. But only through market regulation and strengthening of its downstream industry & ndash; — Regulation of the food industry to realize natural selection. Experts believe that the future development of Chinese packaging machinery market will present the following characteristics: first, packaging machinery technology content increased. China's existing some packaging machinery products technical content is not high, and have put a lot of advanced foreign technology used in packaging machinery, such as remote monitoring technology, Including monitoring) , step motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology, etc. Second, the packaging machinery market has become increasingly monopolized. China is now in addition to the corrugated carton packaging machinery and some small packing machine has a certain scale and advantage, scale and other packaging machinery almost no system, especially on the market demand for some of the complete set of packaging production line, packaging market in the world are several large packaging machinery enterprises ( Group) The monopoly. Finally, packaging machinery spare parts production specialization. International packaging world attaches great importance to improve the packing machinery processing and the whole packaging system general ability, so packaging machinery spare parts production specialization is the inevitable trend in the development, a lot of parts by the packaging machinery factory production no longer, but by some common standard parts factory production, some special parts by highly specialized production factory production, really famous packing machine factory will likely be assembly plant. Products to multifunctional and development of a single, high-speed polarization. Packaging machinery of the final effect is to increase the production efficiency and product diversification. Low level repeated construction industry development, according to incomplete statistics, at present the industry is about a quarter of the low level repeated production enterprises, is about more than 1000 enterprises at a low level to repeat the production. Concerned expert thinks, the low level of mechanical products in China's domestic food and packaging machinery products market impact is bigger. The class is high, the technical content of mechanical products due to the high cost, the price is relatively expensive, and the low level of mechanical products in the market of the low price than at a certain disadvantage, good product competition but low product instead, such a market environment, if cannot be improved for a long time, will be conducive to the industry upgrading of the product. In addition, the low level of mechanical products generally applies only to small-scale production, low investment cost, create conditions for food producers make fake and inferior. Streams of fake and shoddy food and drink from the low performance, short life, poor stability and reliability of the mechanical keeps flowing into the market, to the consumer market brings a lot of hidden dangers. Such as some primary filling, capping machinery health conditions cannot be guaranteed, cannot achieve the dairy drinks before sterilization or aseptic processing, dairy and beverage made by the shelf life of any request, or even just produced does not meet health requirements, not to drink. But these dairy beverage basically occupied in the central and western regions of China the lower income of small towns and rural markets, and because of low cost and get the welcome of low-income earners, constitutes a potential harm to people's health and safety. Along with the social development, China packaging machinery has achieved rapid development, but also some & other; Low level repeated throughout the &; Construction phenomenon. According to relevant data shows, compared with the developed industrial countries, China food and packaging machinery products lack of 30% Behind 20-40%, the technical level For 30 years. This kind of phenomenon of low level repeated construction if not controlled, will cause serious harm to the society.
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