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China's beverage industry needs innovation beverage machinery don't lag behind

by:Xinmao     2021-02-17
Beverage machinery as beverage manufacturers to produce the necessary equipment, not only in the service of beverage manufacturers production demand, also determines whether their production concept to practice. , for example, I want to produce some kind of drink, I have such idea, market survey and feasible, and finally the rest production, it is found that the production equipment unable to realize this idea, that is pity. Therefore, the beverage machinery production play a crucial influence to the manufacturer. It is understood that in the majority with small and medium-sized beverage equipment enterprises in China, large, internationally competitive beverage machinery manufacturer is not a lot, domestic industry level compared with the developed countries there is a certain gap. If the introduction of advanced equipment from abroad, and the price is for production, and there is no point learning domestic beverage machinery and technology improving, so for a long time, this kind of technology monopoly is not favorable to the development of beverage industry. Drink as a fast-moving consumer goods have market in our country, if relevant production equipment constantly innovation, the core technology breakthrough, form the advantages of domestic beverage machinery industry, is bound to bring China's beverage market, beverage equipment industry.
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