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Chili sauce filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-03-30
Chili sauce filling machine suitable for this machine is semi-automatic chili sauce filling machine, mainly for oil separation too quickly paste filling, semiliquid, paste, paste containing particles shape of filler material, such as chili sauce, bean paste, beef paste, sesame paste, jam, hot pot bed charge, such as filling material, high filling precision, high degree of automation. Characteristics: 1, chili sauce filling machine is on the basis of the original filling machine xinghuo company, to join the good technology, research and development design, the filler agency reasonable design, simple operation, high filling precision. 2, the machine is configured with automatic mixer, can stir the sauce evenly, won't cause filling jam, pneumatic control filling valve, to ensure the filling precision. 3, the machine design is reasonable, the pneumatic parts adopt imported components, part contacting materials adopts stainless steel material, to ensure the production security and stability, in line with the GMP requirements. 4, adjustability, strong adaptability, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted according to the need of production. Company will, as always, adhere to & other; Credit first, service first, quality & throughout; The marketing concept. Constantly, we to each customer, to provide users with technical service and support, and sincerely hereby society becoming our friends from all walks of life to visit negotiate.
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