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Carbonic Acid Steam Pretreatment Equipment

Carbonic Acid Steam Pretreatment Equipment

Carbonic Acid Steam Pretreatment Equipment
  • Carbonic Acid Steam Pretreatment Equipment
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Carbonic Acid Steam Pretreatment Equipment
Rated Capacity:
1 set
T/T, L/C, etc.
Delivery Time:
30 days
Port of Loading(Customized):
CE, SGS, ISO9001

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Carbonic Acid Steam Pretreatment Equipment


A. CO2 carbon dioxide filter

The CO2 carbon dioxide filter is mainly used for the purification, purification and filtering of carbon dioxide, and provides the mixer with carbon dioxide that meets production requirements. It is made of high quality stainless steel plate, stainless steel combi- nation, stainless steel filter plate, sterilizing film, electrostatic foam particles, adsorbent, oxidant, and equipped with flow meter, pressure gauge, valve and so on. Reasonable design and convenient and practical operation.


B. Low times carbonated beverage mixer

The beverage mixer is designed to increase the ratio of water, syrup and carbon dioxide accurately and carefully. It uses advanced foreign technology --- static mixer to reduce the water layer and increase the carbonization time to ensure the effect of beverage mixing. The purpose of deoxidation; high-quality water pumps and Siemens electrical appliances and other complete automatic control systems have the advantages of coordinated action, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning, and high degree of automation.


C. Chiller

The main engine selected compressor, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable.

The electrical part adopts original products from international brands LG, Fuji, Schneider, etc., with stable work and long life.

The chiller uses an impervious steel water pump, which has a large flow rate, high efficiency and long-lasting durability.

Equipped with imported precision digital display temperature controller, it can accurately control the water temperature ± 1 ℃, and the set temperature range can be adjusted arbitrarily from

5 ℃ -35 ℃.

Full stainless steel thick water tank coil evaporator with built-in automatic water replenishing device, easy and fast cleaning and maintenance.


D. High power soda mixer

High power soda mixer is used in the production of carbonated beverages, which can combine water, syrup and carbon dioxide gas at one time. The advanced gas-liquid mixing device is used to mix the syrup, water and carbon dioxide gas for the filling ma- chine at one time. It can also be used for the production of diluted beer, beer aeration and sparkling wine. It has advanced technology, uniform mixing and reliable performance , Compact structure, easy to use, etc., suitable for large, medium and small beverage plants.


The high power soda mixer uses the advanced technology of the chemical industry-static mixer (carbonizer), which has a large gas-liquid mass transfer area, small resistance loss, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure, Multistage centrifugal pump with low noise ensures the performance of the whole machine. The mixing ratio is accurate and easy to adjust. The machine can easily adjust the output and the ratio of syrup to water without replacing parts.

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