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Carbonated soft drink filling equipment have any advantage in structure

by:Xinmao     2021-01-18
Carbonated soft drink filling equipment have any advantage in structure carbonated soft drink filling equipment is mainly used for polyester ( PET) Bottled variety of carbonated drinks containing gas production, can produce bottled drinks containing carbon dioxide gas, such as the Coca-Cola, Sprite, fanta etc on market beverage products, the whole production line consists of water treatment system, mixing system, bottle filling system, the temperature system, packaging and other components of the system, the small make up a simple introduce about the carbonated soft drinks for everyone the structure of filling equipment advantages: 1, the control system: carbonated soft drink filling equipment is computer optimizing design, automatic, high speed machine, electricity, liquid integration of the molding equipment, electrical control adopts modular PLC controller + man-machine interface control system, all the process ( Manual, automatic, selected, function selection, production, etc. ) Change, retrieve, monitoring, fault diagnosis, and other functions are realized in touch screen. The operation is simple, maintenance is very convenient. 2, screw cap system: using magnetic torque screw LIDS, realize cover, screw cap function. Screw torque stepless adjustable, with functions of constant torque rotary sealing plastic cover, and does not cover, tight sealing is reliable. Screw-top process automatic control, to ensure that no bottle no cover, don't feed the cover, and is equipped with the cover from the machine. Fall cap on the guide rail without cover will automatically stop. Horizontal rotary pneumatic principle GaiQi according to user need to install below or above, convenient cover section, with no damage to cap surface, and other functions. 3, the transmission system: carbonated soft drink filling equipment transmission system in steel and polymer materials to decorate, have to wear, low noise, stable transmission, with lubricating outfit, can prolong service life. On the bottle using the wind to send, so that the machine running on the function is more reliable, overcome the bottle due to thin wall, bottle height error caused by the machine won't function properly because of operation factors, at the same time change little change, can be easy and convenient to realize different bottle production need. 4, filling system: the combination of Italy, such as Germany, the world of advanced technology. USES the circular cylinder, filling speed, liquid level control is stable. If no bottle no filling, air flushing or filling bottle filling valve will automatically shut down, and the advanced technology such as automatic flushing. Equipment cleaning in-place, cooperate with mixing machine can realize sterilization cycle, open valve drainage cleaning, etc. In the process of filling, capping and the transition of all round, adopt ring support bottleneck transportation method. 5, disinfection washing system: adopting a new generation of tilting stainless steel spring type flush clamps, clamps and screw thread bottle above part does not contact, to avoid possible pollution bottle threaded parts. 6, transition thumbwheel: stainless steel, used card bottleneck transmission technology, blunt bottle with a nozzle, flush to the bottle of any part of the inner wall, washing, no dead Angle, both inside and outside two flushing, blunt bottle spotlessness. If you want to know more information about the carbonated soft drink filling equipment, welcome to continue to focus on learning about the company advisory!
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