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Carbonated drink filling and packing line

Carbonated drink filling and packing line


Several days ago, our company has shipped the carbonated drink filling and packing line to Australia. This line is designed specially, which is used to carbonated drink and syrup water whose consistency is like water and has two sets of capping part because of two kinds of caps.

This carbonated drink filling machine can reach about 1000-1500 bottles per hour, it has 8 washing heads, 8 filling heads, and 4 capping heads.

This 3in1 filling machine adopts isobaric filling, the filling temperature is about 5 ℃, the drink is form mixer which mix CO2 and drink well at low temperature, the isobaric filling valve is high-precision, it can control the error under 1%.

According to the client’s cap. Our company equips 2 capping systems for it, there’s a vibrating cap sorter. It’s especially used to aluminum screw cap, avoid cap’s deformation.

This is a cap elevator, from the picture, we can see there are two cap elevators, one is for aluminum cap, the other one is for plastic screw cap. They have one in common, it won’t reverse caps, when caps are transported by the conveyor, if it’s reverse, it will fall down naturally and be transported again.

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