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Carbonated beverages full automatic filling production line

by:Xinmao     2021-01-18
For the majority of customers, how to choose a practical carbonated beverage filling machine seems to be a challenge. Because this is important in the use and production in the future. In 2014, according to data, the consumption of more than 166 billion liters of carbonated soft drinks ( CSD) 。 This means that the annual per capita consumption of nearly 142 litres of carbonated soft drinks. Packed in PET carbonated drinks formula is about 40% of the ingredients such as sugar, pigment, spices, same as the cans of formula. Considering the repeatable sealing and recyclability, while liquid producers can find to PET brought about by the environmental protection and cost savings benefits. Today we are going to analyze for you. Our filling machine production line can be divided into three modules: cleaning, filling parts, sealing parts. Specially designed by the 304 stainless steel cleaning part, clamp bottle does not come in contact with the threaded portion of the bottleneck, to avoid the secondary pollution. Fill the part is made of stainless steel 304 design, easy to control the filling valve switch. Its high speed, big flow filling valve can ensure high filling speed and accurate level. Gland parts of pressure has scale, LIDS easy to adjust and counting. And the equipment is automatic control, simple operation, only 1 - Two workers is enough. Carbonated beverage filling machine adopts reliable, easy operation, easy maintenance of the PLC system and pneumatic control system. The whole process of washing bottle, filling and capping can be closed, thus effectively prevent pure water or mineral water filling secondary pollution. If you want to buy practical carbonated beverage filling machine, please feel free to contact the xinmao mechanical machinery. We provide automatic carbonated beverage filling machine, carbonated water filling machine, carbonated beverage filling machine, carbonated soft drink filling machine, beer filling machine, used for filling coke, liquor, soda, champagne, cocktail wine, beer, wine, alcohol, for example in PET, glass bottles, soda cans and tin cans.
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