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Carbonated beverage production line maintenance

by:Xinmao     2021-01-15

carbonated beverage production line operation maintenance: a. Cooling method: close the steam valve, the discharge of the rest of the steam condensate in the jacket, then open the refrigerant at the bottom of the cylinder valve, let the refrigerant through the jacket, in order to reduce the temperature of the material in the cylinder. two Insulation: according to the requirements of temperature, start the mixer, high speed valve, and keep the temperature ( Pay attention to the thermometer) , reach the purpose of insulation. 3. Cleaning: treatment has been completed, will be the rest of the cylinder jacket condensate drain, clean with warm water as soon as possible, brush away goo, it with 40 ~ 50 c c alkaline comprehensive cleaning the inner wall of the container, then clean with clear water. Next time, when used with hot water or steam, 90C) Above, and keep the disinfection treatment, 2 ~ 3 minutes. Four. Maintenance: always pay attention to the whole equipment and the performance of the reducer. Reducer lubricating oil is insufficient, should immediately added. Oil change once half a year, 40 x oil) 。 Equipment when not in use, with warm water rinse water jacket, avoid salt water corrosion. Often wash the cylinder block, keep the exterior clean, inside the cylinder light, achieve the goal of durable.
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