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Carbonated beverage production line

by:Xinmao     2021-01-16

carbonated beverage production line process: first, put the empty bottle on the filling production line conveyor belt, conveying to the bottle washing machine for washing bottle. Bottle washer is mainly determined by the number of filling head filling machine. The number of filling head filling machine, for example, to 18, bottle washing machine cleaning location for 18. Next, after washing a bottle, the conveyor belt to be sent to dryer to disinfection and drying of the bottle, and then sent to the filling machine, bottle after bottle positioning, filling, and then sent to the bottle capping machine to seal of filling the contents of the bottle, and then the first step is to label and sprayed code. This is a complete process. Carbonated beverage production line before use, must be clean with light hot water storage tank, reoccupy steam disinfection. Slurry from fixed on the cylinder head of feeding tube into the cylinder, or open the cylinder head casting. Material can't pack too full, so as not to splash in blender mixing, thereby causing loss to the environmental health or not. When heated, it is necessary to close the refrigerant inlet valve and put out all the rest of the refrigerant line in the jacket, then input materials, start the agitator, open the steam valve. Reach the required temperature, shut off steam valve, 2 - Close the blender after 3 minutes.
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