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Cans in Asia has a huge market demand

by:Xinmao     2021-03-10
In recent years, the rapid growth of Asian beverage machinery market, countries have stepped up cans of production scale, in 2007 Asia has risen to nearly 150 cans of production lines, production capacity of more than 70 billion. Among them, the Japanese and Chinese soft drinks market is the largest in Asia. Metal packaging container manufacturing industry in our country has developed a strong power. Two cans of 26 existing production lines, annual production capacity of more than 120, one hundred million. Tin 3-piece cans manufacturing equipment has various types of imported and domestic automatic resistance welding machine more than 500 sets. In 2006, China's two cans production reached 8. 5 billion, an increase of 7. 5%; Three cans production for 8 billion, surged by 33% over the previous year; Three pieces of food produced 6 billion cans, jumped 71% over the previous year. China's beer production since 2002, more than the United States as the world's largest producer of all beverage production has been increased to 41 million tons in 2006, the second in the world. Canned drinks more and more popular with the young consumers, China cans of the wide prospect of market. Japanese drinks cans are to hit a record 38 billion in 1997, since then declined year by year, respectively in 2000 and 2004 to 34 billion and 31 billion. In 2005 to 31. 8 billion, compared with 1997, 7 billion only. Despite a decline in the overall consumption of beverage are many, but Japan cans per capita consumption is still very considerable. Everyone in Japan in 2005 consumed 246 canned drinks, drink two cans of every 3 days. Japanese consumer cans, aluminium cans, the amount in 2005 to 18. 4 billion, accounting for 57%, the tin cans for 13. 4 billion, accounting for 43%. Japan aluminum cans began in the early 1970 s, the application of continuous growth and consumption in 1985, 3 billion, 1992, 10 billion, 1997, 16 billion, 2004 to 18. 5 billion, only 2005 to 18. 4 billion. Japan canned wine POTS are all aluminum cans, one can of beer with tank volume accounted for a significant proportion, aluminum beer cans ( Cans) Consumption in 2004 and 2005 to 1 l, one hundred million l, take up of the total consumption of the aluminum cans into June. Japanese drinks tin cans production in 1994 and more than 22 billion, 1996 after a continuous decrease, in 2000 to 18. 4 billion, only 2003 to 14. 5 billion, only 13. 4 billion in 2005. Canned drinks in tin cans accounted for 72%, aluminium cans accounted for only 28%. The tin cans in the canned coffee drinks accounted for 93%, accounting for 73% of black tea beverage, accounting for 55% of the fruit drinks. Japan currently has 87 cans production lines, can capacity for 36. 5 billion. South Korea cans capacity is larger, the existing 17 cans of production lines, 11 tin cans production line, aluminum cans production line 4, as well as aluminum cans can be made of tin cans production line 2, can ability for 7. 5 billion only. Han Guokong 2004 cans of consumption for 63. 500 million, of which there are as many as 5 billion cans. About 65% of the aluminum cans is beer cans, South Korea, the remaining 35% is used for filling carbonated drinks. In addition, China Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia are more than 2 billion cans production capacity.
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