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Canned beverage machinery with high speed, complete sets of high degree of automation, etc

by:Xinmao     2021-01-10
Today's filling machinery, especially in beverages, beer, beverage filling machinery and food packaging machinery, with a high speed, complete, high degree of automation and reliability is good wait for a characteristic, is the current development trend towards filling machinery industry. The same device, tea drinks, coffee drinks, can be soybean milk drinks and fruit juice and other drinks hot filling; Are for glass bottle and pet bottle filling. Speed, high production of carbonated beverage filling machine filling speed of up to 2000 cans per minute, German KHS company, SEN corp. , KRONES, its filling machine filling valve, respectively, up to 165 head, 144 head, 178 head. Non carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve 50 & ndash; 100 head, filling speed of up to 1500 cans per minute. The current filling machinery technology in food and beverage packaging development, design and manufacturing process of a wide range of applications. The current development trend of the filling machine is a stand-alone continuously improve the degree of automation, improve the automatic control level of the entire packaging production line, production capacity, can greatly improve the quality of food and beverage packaging production equipment, improve the domestic and international competition ability.
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