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Canned beer and beverage machinery in the packaging industry occupies the proportion of how?

by:Xinmao     2021-01-10
1, canned beverage machinery is also important to share the world each year about the production of various metal cans for 410 billion, including cans around 320 billion. But for China's market, metal cans packaging machinery market has presented the trend of supply, but from the per capita consumption analysis, there is a larger market space and development of the market is the key to reduce the cost of metal cans. Metal packing machinery empty cans technology in China is close to the international level, is to vigorously promote the use of ultra-thin tinplate and aluminum, technical renovation and develop new products. Also, strive to improve the quality of our products and solve the problem of cans is the most important quality of a few, such as tank leakage, easy to open the TAB easy to damage, etc. In terms of the current beverage packaging machinery market, metal cans are still widely used beverage packaging materials, two pieces of cans and three cans. More than two cans is given priority to with aluminum alloy plate, used for carbonated beverage packaging; And three cans with tin plating steel sheet is given priority to, more than used for beverage packaging does not contain carbon dioxide gas. Metal cans as beverage packaging machine has the following advantages: one is the excellent blocking performance. Not only can cut off the gas, can also drag the light, this characteristic can make the drink has a longer shelf life. Second, with excellent mechanical properties, mainly displays in the resistance to high temperature, humidity, pressure and resistance to pests, the erosion of harmful substances. 3 it is not easy to damage, easy to carry, to adapt to the fast pace of modern society life. Four is good surface decoration, can stimulate consumption, promote sales. The five can be recycled recycling use. With the development of national economy and people's living standard is increasing day by day, the fast development of beverage machinery industry in China, especially of beverages, already by the 70 s before a single glass bottles of soda, development to today carbonated drinks, natural drinks flowers bloom. Beverage packaging machinery also emerged diversified trend, broke the glass containers in the past a single monopoly market structure, metals, plastics, paper and other materials have been applied in beverage packaging, metal cans, PET bottle, PP bottle package, tetra pak, sig, roof package, black and white film packaging. 2 represents a significant rate, beer beverage machinery packaging as is known to all, China's large population, is the beer production power, 2000, the annual output has reached 21. 4 million tons, ranking second in the world, and rising at an annual rate of 5% to 7%. Beer bottles recyclable reuse, be helpful for resource conservation and environmental protection, the current domestic beer packaging is still mainly glass containers. Glass is a kind of material has a long history of packaging machinery, glass bottles is the traditional beverage packaging container. In a variety of packaging materials under the condition of flood the market, glass containers are still occupies an important position in the beverage packaging. Glass packaging container main characteristic is: nontoxic, odorless, transparent, beautiful, good barrier property, airtight, abundant raw materials, the price is low, and can be used repeatedly turnaround. And has the advantages of resistance to heat, pressure and cleaning as well as high temperature sterilization, low temperature storage. Because it has many advantages, therefore become fruit tea, wild jujube juice and many other higher requirements for packaging container of beverage of choice materials. At present, the domestic beer production is still using a large number of glass bottle packaging machinery, in the field of beer packaging, glass has a 36% market share. In fruit juice beverage packaging, the use amount of glass bottles are dwindling, only 8. 6 billion bottles of 2000, 2001 more dropped to 8. 2 billion bottles. Glass bottles and other packaging is constantly from the impact of PET bottle. But many market participants believe that the beverage market in general, PET bottle is in some ways can't occupy all of the market, especially in the high quality of soft drink and beer market, there are still a lot of goods with glass as a container, it also suggests that in the development of beverage machinery packaging, are present the trend of diversification.
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