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Briefly describes the characteristics of the cap sterilization equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-01-14
The filling unit cap sterilization system and matching. Cap sterilization by immersion rotate sterilization process. Soak for circular groove, groove disinfection liquid containing peracetic acid, the bottom of the channel is equipped with planar spiral guide rail, opening up the cap separately presented in spiral guide in the sterilization of liquid spray down the slide forward, from the center of the dip tank moved to the edge of the trough, the last launch dip tank; The lid in a spiral guide to flip 90 & deg; , reoccupy sterile water is rinsed clean, finally the sterile compressed air to blow to glide through the screw cap machine after most of the water droplets into the cap rail. Separately presented in a bottle sterilization machine, cap is to walk, all the cover of sterilization at the same time, there is no omission phenomenon, and high reliability. Sterilization time by planar spiral length and screw cap machine production decision. Sterilization tank outlet is equipped with the cylinder cover, when lack of cover downtime, manual gear cover, prevent without thorough sterilization inside the cap into the filling machine, thus pollution within a sterile environment, 'when I first entered the sterilizing tank cover thorough sterilization after artificial open the cylinder cover.
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