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Bottles of soda production line in the cleaning process needs to pay attention to

by:Xinmao     2021-04-29
What bottled soda production line need to pay attention to in the process of cleaning for bottled soda production line, in daily use process, if the lack of necessary maintenance and maintenance, often appear all sorts of problems, but also can reduce the service life of equipment, which is reflected in: 1, used to cut short service life: this requires correct operation, every operation according to processing power, open the power switch, indicator, set the thermostat to the predetermined temperature and correct operation steps. 2 not firm, sealing failure, failure of cold pressing roller pressure is not appropriate, is the cause of heat sealing speed too fast, heat sealing temperature is insufficient, heat sealing film quality has a problem, in this case can be appropriately raise heat sealing temperature, reduce the heat sealing speed again, at the same time increase the pressure of cold pressing roller. : 3, the thermometer display failure caused by the fault is the main reason the thermometer has been bad, must repair; Mechanical aspects of the reason is the uneven heat sealing pressure, as long as adjust the spring pressure of heat sealing knife, make its pressure; Another reason is the heat sealing composite material itself quality is bad, coefficient of heat sealing changes, caused by the temperature of the inconsistencies. The bottle of soda production line to use in production, the equipment of the material also has certain requirements, including: 1, do not contain toxic and harmful substances, as professionals should require this material does not contain harmful to human body of arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals and benzene, phenol, chlorine and other organic compounds or harmful substance content conform to the regulations, the standard of set limit to. 2, tasteless material, mainly is to avoid food odor absorption and change the original flavor of the food. 3, not bibulous, water absorbing material is clean, microorganisms can grow in the performance, so as to cause the bacterial contamination of food. 4, conform to the hygiene requirements, finished product must be clear in the process of production processing waste and dirt, and keep clean. In addition, bottled soda production line in the cleaning process should pay attention to the following: 1, injection materials lips overflow, according to security tight stop switch, ensure workshop neat. Materials such as staff found the note mouth overflow material, it shall timely press security tight stop switch, avoid the waste of material. Bottles of soda production line stopped out note material mouth to check whether have damage, if there is any damage can change the note the material mouth. 2, when operating wrong cause cylinder ejector can't return, not reckless random security keys. When carbonated beverage production line cylinder ejector can not return, 1 - shall be suspended 2 minutes to produce, check whether carbonated beverage production line problem or crash. Such as when bottled soda production line during the course of producing, staff press stop switch. May form mechanical internal disorder, will set off to clear before, will delay the production efficiency. 3, unpick and wash bottles of soda production line can not directly flush with water. , if use water wash carbonated beverage production line, the water inside, it is likely to cause mechanical ageing speed accelerate, function weak, easy to crash, etc. If need clean carbonated beverage production line, should wipe out the internal residual product clean, again within the tank filled with soft cleaning fluid. If you want to know more information about the bottles of soda production line, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!
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