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Bottled water production line pull cover brush barrel of machine maintenance

by:Xinmao     2021-05-29
In order to adapt to the mineral water factory, the need of pure water production factory, would be tedious bucket process into a simple automation. Suzhou xinmao beverage packaging machinery co. , LTD. To introduce and absorb the brush barrel cover pull at home and abroad advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of existing manufacturer and drinking water industry management requirements, BS - was developed Type 1 series brush barrels of pull out cover machine. The bottled water production line of reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance: 1. Regularly check the clean within the LIDS and LIDS pull pull loose connection with cylinder screw ever; 2. In use process, such as found that a few barrels can't pull down, may be the bucket size bottlenecks exception; Batch barrel, cover separation difficulties such as discovery, the check LIDS pull connected to the cylinder are loose, shift, at the same time pay attention to the air pressure is less than 5 mpa; Bottled water production line 3. Host in use process, do not reached into the drawing in the LIDS, so as to avoid working strain; 4. Brush barrels drawing machine maintenance, please shut gas source, in order to avoid damage to equipment or cause personal injury; 5. It is strictly prohibited under the condition of water shortage, the use of pumps, it is forbidden to brush inversion; 6. Keep the tank clean, cannot have sewage into the water tank; 7. Check the brush shaft sealing performance is good; 8. Brush barrels drawing machine's electrical components maintenance check once a month, be sure to always use in good condition.
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