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Bottled water production line process and market application range

by:Xinmao     2021-05-03
A, water filling machine process raw water & rarr; The original water tank & rarr; The original water pump & rarr; Add flocculant device & rarr; Double medium filter & rarr; Activated carbon filter & rarr; Plate heat exchanger & rarr; Adding scale inhibitors device & rarr; 5μ M security filter & rarr; Level of high-pressure pump & rarr; Level 1 reverse osmosis membrane group & rarr; Alkaline device & rarr; The secondary high pressure pump & rarr; The secondary reverse osmosis membrane group & rarr; The middle water tank & rarr; The middle water pump & rarr; Ultraviolet germicidal lamp & rarr; Go to the TOC uv lamp & rarr; Solid membrane group & rarr; EDI device & rarr; Level of polishing mixed bed & rarr; Ultrapure water tank & rarr; Ultrapure water pump & rarr; Plate heat exchanger & rarr; Secondary to the TOC uv lamp & rarr; The secondary DNA membrane group & rarr; Booster pump & rarr; The secondary polishing mixed bed & rarr; Terminal filter & rarr; Ultrapure water use. Second, the characteristics of small water filling machine 1, 5 filter, which can effectively filter out the suspended solids in the water, sediment, red worm, rust, etc. , soluble solid matter and organic compounds. 2, inorganic salt, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. 3, new design, insert type filter, convenient installation, clean and replace. 4, microcomputer digital controller, cutting-edge science and technology. 5, after processing filter using had prevent secondary pollution composite filter. 6, with top cover shell, waterproof and dustproof, using more safe and reliable. Three, reverse osmosis membrane conversion step ( 1) Remove the pressure vessel on the water, strong water and water production pipe, remove the connection accessories; ( 2) Down at the ends of the pressure vessel end cover; ( 3) From the inlet to the thick water side push membrane element, until the thick water side show membrane element; ( 4) Slowly pull the membrane element removed and then the next membrane element the connection between the components; ( 5) Repeat steps ( 3) And ( 4) , if necessary, can use a PVC tube from the inlet end face of membrane element; ( 6) Will remove the membrane element on a clean plastic bag, and perfusion moderate concentration of 0. 05 ~ 0. 1% of the sodium solution, save after sealing. According to the size of water rate, different composition of water utilization rate and the inlet and outlet can be designed into a high pressure casing and a membrane element groups, can be designed into by a high pressure of housing more than and membrane element. Four, the application scope of hyper, pure water and distilled water preparation; Alcohol manufacturing and the degree of water; Living community, country, office buildings, factories and mines enterprises, water supply engineering; In the early period of the medicine, electronic industries water preparation; Chemical process of enrichment, separation, purification and preparation of water distribution; The central air conditioning water cooled air conditioning cooling water circulation; Boiler make-up water in addition to salt water softening; Seawater, brackish water desalination; Paper making, water and wastewater treatment of electroplating, printing and dyeing and other industries.
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