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Bottled water production line is closely related to drinking water health

Bottled water production line is closely related to drinking water health


Everyone knows that water is the source of life, and once the drinking water does not meet the hygienic standards, it will definitely cause inevitable harm to the human body. With the continuous acceleration of industrialization and urbanization in the world, there is very little surface water that has not been polluted, and people living in cities cannot drink well water. Therefore, there are certain fears and worries about the running water of rivers and rivers. People's living standards continue to improve before they choose to drink bottled water that has reached a certain hygienic standard after treatment. This is the way of life taken by urban residents out of the importance of their lives.

Since urban residents choose bottled water based on trust in it, manufacturers of bottled water production lines cannot live up to consumer trust and must manufacture bottled water equipment that meets national health standards and is harmless to humans. This is not only a manifestation of business ethics, but also a responsibility that should be undertaken, but also a respect for people's lives. Therefore, we must strictly control a series of issues such as the manufacture of barreled water equipment and production technology, and we must not sloppy.

At present, the barreled drinking water in the market is mainly two kinds of pure water and mineral water. The former source is tap water, that is, surface water such as river water, which is polluted. The manufacturer uses the barreled water production line to Tap water is filtered, disinfected, sterilized, filled, etc., and a bucket of pure water is produced. The production process of mineral water and pure water should be similar, and drugs for disinfection and sterilization should be added. The difference is that the source of mineral water is groundwater, which is generally not contaminated, as long as excessive harmful minerals are prevented. In simple terms, the former is drinking water after tap water processing, and the latter is from ground water. However, medicines must be added. Relatively speaking, mineral water is healthier, but it has a shelf life and the correct way to drink it. This involves two issues. Manufacturers of bottled water equipment must comply with relevant standards, and the production process of water producers must comply with food safety standards. Expired and unqualified bottled water cannot be sold and consumers must drink it clearly. Method, consumers should also drink safely according to the manufacturer's requirements.

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