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Bottled water production line and process

by:Xinmao     2021-04-16
Bottled water production line, the first is water treatment equipment, the production of raw materials is needed for the raw water is indispensable, for the production of bottled water, pretreatment equipment is indispensable, bottled water production line, the first step is the pretreatment, for pretreatment equipment, it is the main process of early treatment of raw water, improve water quality, the raw water after treatment can meet the requirements of water quality in the production of bottled water, reduce and delay the equipment in the membrane pollution and extend the life of the membrane. Pretreatment equipment for the processing of the object mainly is to enter the microorganisms in the water, colloid, bacteria, organic matter, heavy metal ion, fixed particles and free chlorine, etc. After this part of the pretreatment, after pretreatment of raw water satisfies the water requirements of reverse osmosis unit, also can say pretreatment for reverse osmosis membrane filtration equipment to do a preliminary filter, let the raw water after pretreatment can guarantee the stable operation of the reverse osmosis device is better. Pretreatment of this part of the equipment is mainly composed of sand filter, carbon filter, water softener and security filters. ( 1) Sand filter, filter out the sediment in the water, impurities, suspended solids, to reduce the raw water of SDI ( Pollution index density) Value. ( 2) Carbon filter: has the dual role, one is the adsorption; 2 it is filtered. Chemical organics, heavy metals in tap water, chromaticity, peculiar smell, residual chlorine, etc, to improve the taste. ( 3) Water softener: by sodium type cation exchange resin exchange process, remove the raw water fouling ions such as calcium, magnesium, remove the raw water hardness. ( 4) The security filter; Fine particles to remove the turbidity more than 1 degree, to meet the requirements of subsequent processes for water;
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