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Bottled purified water production equipment using automatic drum filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-04-15
Automatic bottled water production line equipment include: bottled purified water production equipment and the three most drum filling equipment, packaging equipment, pure water production equipment include: pure water equipment, smelly itch disinfection equipment. 5 gallon drum filling machine or 3 gallons barrel filling machine, brush barrels drawing machine, manual sealing film sealing machine and automatic film machine, cap code printer, vats of filling line can also increase automatic drawing machine, automatic inside outside washing drum machine, automatic bucket machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic bucket machine. Bottled water production line equipment adopts fully automatic drum filling machine features: 1. Suitable for bottle type: only 3 gallons, 5 gallons of water supply of bottled drinking water production. 2. The function is all ready, the machine combines washing, filling and capping functions in one body. 3. Range of application: it is the ideal equipment for the production of mineral water, distilled water, pure water, 4. Automatic drum filling machine adopts high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. Covers an area of factory building is small, high efficiency and stable and reliable, high degree of automation. Operator only needs two people, is a mechanical and electrical gas automatic equipment in the trinity. Xinmao machinery production of bottled water production line is excellent domestic bottled water equipment manufacturers, for small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) provides an efficient and convenient bottled water equipment.
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