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Bottled pure water production line filling accuracy of adjustment

by:Xinmao     2021-04-29
By rotary intermittent spray irrigation bottled pure water production line, from the transmitted into the bottle, bottle clamp shelves, pour the bottle turn, synchronization, bottles, spray to drain out of the bottle into the filling inside, adopt unique card bottle filling pressure, guarantee the accuracy of the bottle and filling valve sealing, eliminates the bottled purified water production line due to not round bottle or bottle skewed and bottles of thin wall and the leakage phenomenon. Bottled pure water production line adopts PLC control, realizes the whole process from the bottle into the machine to packaging automatic control, magnetic clutch screw LIDS, torsion can be adjusted, so as to ensure the quality of the screw cap, any contact with the liquid phase parts adopt stainless steel ( SUS304) Manufacturing, in line with food hygiene requirements. A, bottled pure water production line filling accuracy adjustment of 1. Produced mainly by the error of filling amount, filling speed, up and down the speed of valve to determine. Up and down the speed of valve associated with the viscosity of the product, the greater the viscosity, the slower the speed on off valve. 2. Thick the switching speed of the main valve spring pressure adjustment valve. Spring pressure increases, the switching speed of the valve. 3. Adjust the spring pressure of the valve size should be through the test of measuring and filling operation personnel experience to determine the safe use of automatic filling machine, bottled pure water production line for double liquid filling machine, work item for liquid, cannot be used for other purposes, in order to ensure production safety, pay attention to the following: 1. This machine is no power Settings, air for 4 - is normal 6公斤。 2. Note material lips appear overflow phenomenon, according to the urgent stop switch, safety guarantee workshop in order. 3. Unpick and wash this unit may not be directly with water flush the fuselage. 4. This machine of simple circuit, shall not be any pull plug. 5. When improper operation caused cylinder ejector can not return, please click this button to reset.
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