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Big barrel filling machine production line

by:Xinmao     2021-04-19

mountain spring big barrel filling machine production line can be used to produce 5 - 10 l of mineral water, filling the host USES three and a fully automatic filling machine, washing filling capping machine, the machine made of stainless steel, the appearance is simple and easy, and very durable, design also is very reasonable, reduce the covering area. Its simple operation, convenient maintenance, can perfect to meet the needs of customers, small investment, quick effect, is the ideal of the small and medium-sized bottled water production and processing equipment. 1, steel clamp, without guide, avoid scratches bottle wall; 2, special design of bottle machine bottle clamp don't bottle thread contact, avoid bottle pollution; 3, tuming machine equipped with high efficient spray nozzle, rinse thoroughly and save flush water bottle; 4, and material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel process dead Angle, easy to clean; 5, cover sealing device adopts magnetic constant torque, to ensure the quality of blocks, and will not damage the cap; 6, adopt efficient cap system, has the perfect automatic control and protection devices; 7, small bottled water production line set out thumbwheel collet adopts spiral way, bottle type transformation without adjusting the height of conveyor chain bottle; 8, a perfect overload protection device, can effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators; 9, the control system has a production speed control, the lack of detection, card bottle automatic stop counting and yield, and other functions; 10, main electric components and pneumatic components adopt world famous brand products; 11, the whole machine adopts advanced operation touch screen control, which can realize the man-machine dialogue operation.
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