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Beverage pump reverse osmosis equipment

by:Xinmao     2020-12-07
Beverage pump is essential in beverage machinery, the following will introduce the reverse osmosis device: reverse osmosis is the largest, used relatively most mature technology of membrane technology, its application in the field of membrane separation in half, is one of the biggest breakthrough in the development of membrane technology. The reverse osmosis mainly through reverse osmosis membrane solution of isolated by solvent. Application of reverse osmosis also from seawater desalination, water softening, etc to vitamins, antibiotics, hormones and other enrichment and separation of the bacteria and fruit juice, milk and so on many aspects, its application more widely. For the reverse osmosis device is continuous operation, the advantages of the product quality is stable, do not need to use soda acid regeneration, will not stop by regeneration, the save recoil and clean water, and to produce high yield ultrapure water, recycled sewage water treatment equipment and so on characteristics.
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