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Beverage production line equipment maintenance

by:Xinmao     2020-11-27
After customers buy the beverage production line, but don't know how to correct the maintenance, today we'll have a look at together. Beverage production line equipment before use, must be used within the receiver light hot water wash, and then use steam disinfection. Material slurry by fixed on the cylinder head material tube into the cylinder, or open into the cylinder head, material shoulds not be too full, in order to avoid material spill when stirred by mixer, thereby causing loss to the environment of health or not. Heating must be closed when the refrigerant inlet pipe valves, put all the remaining refrigerant inside the jacket, input material again, to start the blender, then open the steam valve, reach the required temperature, should be shut off steam valve, 2 - After 3 minutes, then shut blender. Beverage production line maintenance instructions: 1. Cooling method: close the steam valve, put jacketed surplus steam condensation water, to open tank bottom valve of refrigerant, refrigerant from jacketed through, reduce the temperature of the cylinder material. 2. Insulation: according to the required temperature, start the agitator, the valve, and keep the temperature ( Pay attention to the thermometer) In order to achieve the purpose of the heat preservation. 3. Cleaning: complete processing, residual condensate is put inside the cylinder jacket, should rinse with warm water as soon as possible, brushed glue paste material, and then use 40 c - 50 c alkaline on the inner wall of the container, and a comprehensive cleaning, use clean water to rinse, for next time use, with hot water or steam, 90C) Above, keep 2 - 3 minutes disinfects processing. 4. Maintenance: often should pay attention to the whole beverage production line and the performance of the gear reducer, gear reducer of lubricating oil is insufficient, supplement, immediately change oil once half a year, in the equipment need not when, be sure to rinse with warm water jacket, in order to avoid salt water corrosion, scrubbing away cylinder body, keep the exterior clean, inner light, durable.
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