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Beverage production line application of circulating water treatment technology

by:Xinmao     2020-11-29
If drink production line of the circulating water system without effective treatment, it will inevitably produce dirt, rust and due to constantly develop and produce the microorganism, sticky mud these three common problem, this may cause blockage, increase of energy consumption, the operation of the chiller is affected refrigeration effect is reduced, equipment life expectancy and varying degrees of impact on the surrounding environment. The purpose of circulating water treatment 1. Safe and efficient to improve the effect of cooling; 2. Save water electricity savings ( Every 1 ℃ below the condensation temperature. Energy consumption of chiller reduce 3 & ndash; 5%, so the condenser heat transfer effect is good, the condensation of small temperature difference in a best effect can greatly save electricity. ) Beverage production line water treatment can remove scale and prevent the formation of scale, improve the efficiency of heat exchange, thus reducing the consumption of electricity. And, also can reduce the sewage water treatment, so as to improve the utilization ratio of circulating water, general can save water by more than 60%; 3. Extend the service life of heat exchange equipment of beverage production line water treatment can avoid rust removing rust corrosion damage. After the prevention treatment, beverage equipment service life can be extended by a times. The actual use process, my company's existing in the maintenance of refrigeration equipment of air conditioning system has been used for 20 years, water chiller, the operation of the pipeline system is still good.
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