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Beverage packaging machinery stacker crane

by:Xinmao     2021-05-19
Rising labor costs, the Chinese market advantage of demographic dividend gradually weak, companies are looking for robot substitution. Packaging machinery is widely used in all walks of life, especially in large companies, stacking machine, wrapping machine, packer beverage packaging machinery and other aspects, such as greatly improved work efficiency. At present, the stacker crane industry is small, low industrial concentration, even under the background of advocating innovation, still struggling. Stacker crane is the container has been loaded in the cartons, according to certain order out of the bottom sealing machine packed on pallets, pallet, automatic stack, can be superimposed layers, and then launch a convenient for forklift truck to the warehouse storage. This equipment adopts touch screen control, intelligent operation management, simple and convenient operation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, reduce the labor intensity. With the continuous development of China's economy, industry flourish. Both in terms of output or production technology, has become a major country of packaging machinery in our country, but some products such as stacker crane in the varieties, quality and new product research and development ability and economic benefit and so on, there is a big gap with the developed countries. Some high-end market still is in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries. At present, the domestic pallet industry is small, low level repeated construction, the industrial concentration is low, low technical content, product structure is unreasonable, the lack of creative industry, the road is still difficult. For restricted the emphases and difficulties of the stacker crane industry development of our country, urgently needs through technological progress and independent innovation, new product development and promotion of the competitiveness of the enterprise development. Through the process of beverage packaging machinery industry in China, it's not hard to find, enterprises through technical innovation, technology transfer, new product development, design and manufacturing, obtain economic benefits, namely the realization of technology innovation. But there are still many companies haven't found a way to realize innovation, even if it is to realize the enterprise's technological innovation, and the lack of sustainable innovation ability, once the technology innovation by rivals to imitate, again into a dilemma. Timely form technology innovation ability, therefore, quickly complete the technology innovation mechanism, and even further in the coming decades is key to promote the development of packaging industry in our country history period.
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