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Beverage machinery the blocks in the process of filling defect detection

by:Xinmao     2020-12-27
In recent years, along with technology advancement, beverage testing equipment, from simple to complex imaging sensor development system; From the early pure testing equipment, such as the existence of check boxes and bottles and further develop into a liquid level detection, empty containers, and empty bottles. In addition to these characteristic parameters, there are other factors, for example, appearance. Appearance is an important link of influence consumers to purchase beverage machinery, also called for strict final inspection. Especially for the high price of products. If the appearance quality is inconsistent with the immanent quality of products and brand value will soon be lost. In the process of production, we found the location of the capping machine after if improper adjustment, will appear all sorts of flaws. Cap type, for instance, also decided to defect of form. If you use the crown cover, usually by pressure measurement to identify the top defects. Detection of plastic cap, optical detection system work better. By measuring the cap and the location of the safety ring, can determine the quality of the block. Aluminum screw cap with more defect types. After complex rolling process, the possible defects does not affect the seal at the time, but as time goes on, the cap can appear the phenomenon of untight seal, lead to products in advance metamorphism. In addition, when open the cap, has the potential to hurt consumers. Only when the bottle cap correctly into the capping machine, accurately adjust the capping process, and ensure the cap YuanPi and containers after the material meets the requirements of the blocks to achieve the normal process. Beverage machinery sealing process each link of the typical deviation caused the typical defects, mainly has: partial cover, known as the nightcap; Block rolling lighter; Paragraphs of the breaking point early break; Part of the safety ring compression, some regional cock; Security ring has no pressure and so on.
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